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Due to continuing concerns about COVID-19, the PSRS/PEERS office building is currently closed to visitors. We are operational and available to serve our members electronically or via phone. Benefit payments will be made on time, the last working day of the month.

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Securely access your membership information from any device with internet access. Visit Web Member Services today and try out the new Benefit Estimator to see what your estimated retirement date and benefit could be!

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These tools and more are available in Web Member Services, the PSRS/PEERS online, self-service membership information portal. Click the links below if you already have a Web Member Services account or register to activate your account.

Tools for Active members

Tools for Retirees and Beneficiaries

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A New Member


Welcome! Create a Web Member Services account to stay informed about your membership.

Newly Married


If you are recently married, it can impact your beneficiary designations.

A New Parent


Birth or adoption of a child requires you to update your beneficiary designations.

Recently Divorced


If you named your spouse as a beneficiary, divorce means you may need to update your beneficiary designations. Some divorced retirees may also have options for benefit increases, or "pop-ups."

Ready to Retire


Apply for service retirement online using Web Member Services, or using paper forms found on this website.

Leaving Your Job


You have options when temporarily or permanently leaving covered employment.



Keep your contact information up-to-date so we can communicate with you about your membership and ensure benefits are paid according to your wishes.

A Working Retiree


It is important to understand post-retirement work limits and how they may impact your benefit payments.

Quick Facts

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For the last 74 years, the Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri have worked in partnership with Missouri public schools to provide retirement benefits to our members.

The Missouri Model


The "Missouri Model" is used in the retirement industry to describe our trust fund's operational model as the one others aspire to emulate. PSRS, as measured against all other large public retirement systems, is clearly one of, if not the top retirement system in the nation.

Benefits by County


As of June 30 2020, over 97,000 individuals received benefits from PSRS/PEERS. Total annual benefits paid were nearly $3.1 billion. Of this amount, more than $2.7 billion, or 89%, was distributed among Missouri's 114 counties, positively impacting the state's economy.