Reinstating Service

Reinstating service can increase your benefit amount or help you retire earlier.

If you have previous PEERS service you forfeited by taking a refund of your contributions and interest, you can buy back, or reinstate, all or any portion of the service.

  • You should receive information regarding any service you are eligible to reinstate when you establish your PEERS membership. If you do not, please contact us.
  • Typically, a reinstatement is less expensive than other service purchases.
  • Cost is the amount refunded plus interest that accrues the first of each month.
  • Payment is due prior to your PEERS retirement date. If you pay a portion of the reinstatement cost, you receive proportional service based on the payments you make.

Reinstatement costs can only be calculated by PEERS and cannot be obtained using our online Service Purchase Calculator. Contact us for an estimate or use our online Purchase Information Request form.