Proper Termination of Employment Before Retirement

Even if you meet all the eligibility requirements for service retirement, you are not eligible to receive benefits unless you have properly terminated your pre-retirement employment with PEERS-covered employers.

Be careful when planning post-retirement work for covered employers. Returning to PEERS-covered employment, agreeing to post-retirement employment, or a retirement incentive that includes post-retirement work in exchange for salary (including health insurance benefits) may mean you have not properly terminated your employment.

To properly terminate your employment:


  • End all employment with all PEERS-covered employers.
  • Don't return to work for a covered employer in any capacity for at least one month after your PEERS retirement date.
  • If you plan to retire July 1, you cannot work in the month of July, including any summer school hours
  • Don't enter into any agreement, written or unwritten, for future employment at a PEERS-covered employer in any capacity until after receiving your first retirement benefit payment.

Failure to properly terminate employment can be costly! You are required to repay benefits you receive while not eligible and pay PEERS contributions until you properly terminate your employment. The minimum amount is one full monthly benefit.

If you have questions about terminating your employment, contact us.