young newly married couple looking at a laptop computer together on the kitchen table

Newly Married

Congratulations on your recent marriage! Your marriage may mean you need to update your PSRS/PEERS beneficiary designation.

  • Active Members

    If you are an active member, marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child automatically voids your pre-retirement beneficiary designation. Unless you file a new beneficiary designation, Missouri law determines your beneficiaries if you pass away.

    How to designate beneficiaries:

    You can create or update your beneficiary designation on Web Member Services. If you prefer, you can use a Pre-Retirement Beneficiary Designation form found on the PSRS or PEERS forms page of this website, or available by contacting us.

  • Retired Members

    If you are a recently married retiree, you may also want to update your beneficiary designation.

    • If you selected the Single Life benefit plan or a Term-Certain benefit plan, you can change your beneficiary at any time. Use the Post-Retirement Beneficiary Designation for Lump-Sum Payment of Contributions and Interest form found on the “forms” page of this website. Be sure to select the menu for your System (PSRS or PEERS).
    • Disability retirees may also change beneficiaries at any time. Disability benefit recipients must use the Disability Retirement Beneficiary Designation form found on the “forms” page of this website. Be sure to select the menu for your System (PSRS or PEERS).
    • If you selected a Joint-and-Survivor benefit plan at retirement, named a prior spouse as your beneficiary to receive monthly benefits after your death, and have since divorced, your new spouse can be named as your beneficiary if you do so within one year of the subsequent marriage. Keep in mind, your new spouse will be covered under the same benefit plan you selected at retirement, and benefit amounts may be adjusted based on the age of your new spouse. Contact us for more information.