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Service Retirement

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Estimate Your Benefit


This Benefit Calculator provides an estimate of PSRS retirement benefits based only on information you enter. The results of the Benefit Calculator should not be interpreted as either a promise of, or contract for, a given level of benefits.

Eligibility and Calculations


Eligibility for service retirement is determined by your age and/or your years of service. Benefits are calculated using a formula that is set by law, and are payable for life.

Choosing a Benefit Plan

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At retirement, you choose from six different plans to direct the payment of your lifetime monthly service retirement benefits. These plans give you the flexibility to choose the appropriate level of financial protection for your loved ones after your death.

Terminating Employment


Even if you meet all the eligibility requirements for service retirement, you are not eligible to receive benefits unless you have properly terminated your pre-retirement employment with PEERS-covered employers.