What Happens if You Exceed the Working After Retirement Limit?

If you exceed the hourly limit:

  • You must notify PEERS immediately.
  • Your benefit may be put on hold effective the moth in which the limit is exceeded.
  • If your benefits are put on hold, they will resume the month after your employment ends or when a new school year begins on July 1.
  • If you meet membership eligibility requirements, you must establish a second PEERS membership and pay contributions to PEERS.

Establishing a Subsequent Membership

If your post-retirement work meets membership eligibility requirements, you must establish a new membership and pay contributions on your salary. You will earn service under your new membership.

If you earn a minimum of one year of service under that new membership, you are eligible for a second retirement benefit. You also have the option to request a refund of your contributions and interest earned under the new membership. When you do this, you forfeit any rights to a second monthly benefit.

You cannot:

  • Combine your second benefit with your initial benefit
  • Choose a Partial Lump-Sum Option (PLSO) on your second membership