Critical Shortage Employment

Critical Shortage Employment is a legal provision that allows PEERS retirees to work after retirement at covered employers while continuing to receive PEERS service retirement benefits. To be employed under this provision, your employer must certify with PEERS that there is a critical shortage of qualified applicants for the position, and that they have met the necessary requirements to declare a critical shortage.

If you work after retirement for a covered employer that has declared a critical shortage, you can work for up to 24 months without losing your PEERS benefits. The 24 months of employment do not have to be consecutive - there can be breaks in the employment. However, you cannot work more than 24 months total under this provision throughout your retirement. You do not pay PEERS contributions or earn service while working under this provision.

If you work full-time for a PEERS-covered employer, but are not working under Critical Shortage Employment, your benefits will stop. Learn More »

An employer can hire up to 10% of the non-certificated staff, not to exceed five individual PEERS retirees, to work under this provision. Employers must meet certain requirements and cannot use the Critical Shortage provision to fill the position of superintendent. 


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