Purchasing and Reinstating Service

Purchasing or reinstating service adds service to your membership record. All members are eligible to purchase some type of service before retirement. This is an important consideration because the amount of service you have on record with PEERS is one of the factors used to determine your service retirement eligibility and benefit amount.

Reinstatements are handled automatically when you start a new membership. If you have past service you can reinstate, we will let you know at that time. If you feel you have service you can reinstate and we did not contact you, please let us know.


You are not obligated to make payments on an open purchase application or reinstatement. There are no set payments or monthly amounts due, but you must pay before retirement if you want the service used to determine your retirement eligibility and benefit amount.

You may pay by check or using a rollover of funds from a qualified retirement account.

Types of Purchases


Various types of service purchases are available. See eligibility requirements and request more information.

Reinstating Past Service

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Past PEERS service you forfeited by taking a refund can be bought back, or reinstated to your current membership.

Transfers and Recognition

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If you have service with another Missouri public retirement system, you may be able to transfer that service or have it recognized by PEERS.

Applications for most service purchases are found on this website. Because of complex eligibility requirements, applications for a few types of service purchases, transfers and recognition of service with other Missouri educational retirement systems are not online. Contact us to obtain information about these transactions, or request a copy of any purchase application.