PSRS/PEERS building located at 3210 W Truman Blvd, Jefferson City, MO 65109About PSRS/PEERS

The Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS) provide a significant and stable source of retirement, disability and survivor benefits to Missouri's public school teachers, school employees and their families. PSRS and PEERS are Defined Benefit (DB) pension plans providing lifetime retirement benefits to qualified members based on a formula set by Missouri law.

We currently serve over 130,000 active members and approximately 107,000 retirees and beneficiaries.

PSRS/PEERS work in partnership with the member school districts of this state to provide eligible employees and their beneficiaries with a significant source of income based on the employee's length of service and salary in order to enhance retirement, disability and death benefits received from other sources.

  • Annual Report
    2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report cover

    2022 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

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  • Funding

    PSRS/PEERS Funding

    PSRS/PEERS' funding comes from three sources, member contributions, employer contributions and investment earnings. Investment earnings are the primary source of funding for every dollar of PSRS/PEERS benefits paid.

    20-Year Average - Member portion includes contributions and funds to purchase service.

    Missouri law requires the Systems to maintain a funding level that covers current and anticipated future benefit promises. This guarantees availability of funds to pay benefits as prescribed by law.

    Over the years, legislative changes have resulted in improved service retirement benefits, disability benefits and benefits for the beneficiaries of deceased members.

    As of June 30, 2023, with $55 billion (market value) in invested assets and serving over 307,000 active members, retirees and beneficiaries, PSRS/PEERS is one of the largest retirement systems in the nation. Since established, PSRS/PEERS has helped more than 159,000 Missouri public school employees and their families achieve financial security and peace of mind during retirement.

  • Strategic Plan

    PSRS/PEERS 3-Year Strategic Plan

    The Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS) has created a three-year strategic plan to ensure that the PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees and staff can proactively prepare for the future of the Systems. The process used to create the plan included a review of the Systems' current mission, goals and principles, while always being mindful of and congruent with the statutes that govern the Systems.

    To provide financial security and peace of mind for Missouri's public education community.

    To provide retirement security to Missouri's educators and education employees after a full career of service.

    To help school districts attract and retain the best and brightest educators and employees for Missouri's school children.

    To manage the Systems in a prudent and cost-efficient manner while continuing to provide exceptional service to our members.

    Our Focus Areas are big-picture concepts that represent the fundamental areas in which PSRS/PEERS can work to achieve our Goals. Click on a Focus Area to learn more about how that focus area ties into our goals.

    Culture of Excellence

    Focus on providing the highest level of customer service for members while maintaining a quality work culture for staff.

    Strategic Objectives:

    • Promote member-centric thinking in all areas of the organization.
    • Provide high-quality service in a cost-efficient manner.
    • Ensure continuity of leadership.
    • Maintain the ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees.
    • Support the pursuit of a positive work-life balance for all employees.
    • Maintain a competitive compensation and benefit plan philosophy.
    • Provide an environment of transparency and diversified thought.
    • Provide professional growth opportunities.


    Focus on being proactive and constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of our organization.

    Strategic Objectives:

    • Pursue and promote process improvements across all departments.
    • Pursue and support the implementation of new and relevant technology.
    • Maintain a high level of security for all member data and system assets.
    • Provide uninterrupted service and payment of benefits in the event of disaster.
    • Continue to implement a proactive investment program in order to provide the most efficient, risk-adjusted returns possible.

    System and Financial Stability

    Focus on keeping the plan stable and secure for perpetuity.

    Strategic Objectives:

    • Maintain pre-funded status at 80% or above.
    • Maintain contribution rates at or below current levels.
    • Maintain current Board structure and governance policies.
    • Maintain the independence necessary to fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities of the Systems.
    • Support the current benefit structure and provide consistent cost-of-living adjustments for retirees.
    • Maintain a reasonable assumed rate of return given capital market expectations and the risk
    • Maintain an appropriate asset allocation and the understanding of the long-term impacts of the allocation on the Systems’ success.
    • Maintain a long-term focus on our investment philosophy and infrastructure needs.
    • Advocate for the value of a defined benefit plan in providing retirement security.
    • Promote the value of being an independent trust fund.
  • Principles

    Public Pension Principles

    Advocated by the National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR))

    As a member of NCTR, this retirement system is committed to the NCTR Principles and WE PLEDGE:

    1. Courteous Service: To give members prompt and courteous service and provide complete and accurate information.
    2. Member Statements: To provide each active member with an annual statement that includes the member's accrued service, employee contributions, and other related information.
    3. Information: To provide new participants in the system a summary plan description that clearly and simply summarizes the benefit provisions of the plan. The system will make available information on changes made in benefits.
    4. Annual Reports: Full disclosure of financial, actuarial and investment information in a detailed annual report that will be available for members, elected officers and the public.
    5. Financial Audits: To prepare or cause to be prepared an annual financial statement in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and have an annual audit of the system's financial statement in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.
    6. Actuarial Studies: To have an annual or biennial actuarial valuation performed by an enrolled actuary in accordance with actuarial standards and an actuarial experience study at least every five years.
    7. Adequate Funding: To work to obtain adequate funding of all promised benefits and to ensure the financial integrity of this system.
    8. Independence of Retirement Systems: To work for a retirement system which functions as an independent retirement trust, separate from state and local government. Such independence to include the power of trustees to set actuarial assumptions, appoint professionals such as actuaries and attorneys on whom they must rely to carry out their responsibilities, and to establish a budget for the system which ensures the delivery of high quality, cost-effective service to their members.
    9. Exclusive Benefit: To act for the exclusive benefit of our members as fiduciaries entrusted with the management and payment of retirement benefits.
    10. Prudent Investments: To adopt comprehensive objectives, methods for evaluation of performance, and policies which ensure both the prudent investment of plan assets and the attainment of the highest possible investment return.
    11. Ethical Conduct: To adhere to the highest standards of conduct set out in the terms of the trust, state statute or other law.
    12. State and Local Government Authority: To support the continuation of state and local pension plan oversight by the respective state or local government to ensure that decisions are made at the appropriate level of government.
  • Affiliated Employers

    Affiliated Employers

    The PSRS/PEERS employer community is essential to the operation of the Retirement Systems. To determine the proper amount of service earned by a member, we rely on our 534 partner-employers to report salary earned (payroll) and the expected annual base salary for each member for the school year.

    If you are an employer payroll contact, log in to  EWP to report.

    Employers contribute to PSRS/PEERS at a rate equal to that of their employees, and send both member and employer contributions to PSRS/PEERS to help fund benefits. 

    PSRS/PEERS-covered employers include all Missouri public school districts (except the St. Louis city and Kansas City districts), Missouri public two-year colleges and statewide educational associations that have elected to join.

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    Covered Employers

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Adair Co. R-1Hermitage R-IVOsage County R-II
    Adair County R-IIHickman Mills C-1Osage County R-III
    Adrian R-IIIHickory County R-IOsborn R-O
    Advance R-IVHigbee R-VIIIOsceola
    Affton 101High Point R-IIIOtterville R-VI
    Albany R-IIIHillsboro R-IIIOzark R-VI
    Altenburg 48Holcomb R-IIIOzarks Technical Comm. College
    Alton R-IVHolden R-IIIPalmyra R-I
    Appleton City R-IIHolliday C-2Paris R-II
    Arcadia Valley R-IIHollister R-VPark Hill
    Archie R-VHouston R-IParkway C-2
    Ash Grove R-IVHowell Valley R-IPattonsburg R-II
    Atlanta C-3Hudson R-IXPattonville R-III
    Aurora R-VIIIHumansville R-IVPemiscot Co. R-III
    Ava R-IHume R-VIIIPemiscot Co. Special Schools
    Avenue City R-IXHurley R-IPerry County 32
    Avilla R-XIIIIberia R-VPettis Co. R-V
    Bakersfield R-IVIndependence PublicPettis Co. R-XII
    Ballard R-IIIron Co. C-4Phelps Co. R-III
    Bayless PublicJackson R-IIPierce City R-VI
    Bell City R-IIJasper Co. R-VPike County R-III
    Belleview R-IIIJefferson C-123Pilot Grove C-4
    Belton 124Jefferson City PublicPlainview R-VIII
    Bernie R-XIIIJefferson Co. R-VIIPlato R-V
    Bevier C-4Jefferson CollegePlatte County R-III
    Billings R-IVJennings PublicPleasant Hill R-III
    Bismarck R-VJohnson Co. R-VIIPleasant Hope R-VI
    Blackwater R-IIJoplin R-VIIIPleasant View R-VI
    Blair Oaks R-IIJunction Hill C-12Polo R-VII
    Bloomfield R-XIVKearney R-1Poplar Bluff R-I
    Blue Eye R-VKelso C-7Portageville
    Blue Springs R-IVKennett 39 PublicPotosi R-III
    Bolivar R-IKeytesville R-IIIPrairie Home R-V
    Bonci R-XKing City R-IPrinceton R-V
    Boonville R-IKingston K-14Purdy R-II
    Bosworth R-VKingston PublicPutnam Co. R-I
    Bowling Green R-IKingsville R-IPuxico R-VIII
    Bradleyville R-IKirbyville R-VIRalls Co. R-II
    Branson R-IVKirksville R-3Raymondville R-VII
    Braymer C-4Kirkwood R-VIIRaymore-Peculiar R-II
    Breckenridge R-1Knob Noster R-VIIIRaytown C-2
    Brentwood PublicKnox Co. R-IReeds Spring R-IV
    Bronaugh R-VIILaclede Co. R-IRenick R-V
    Brookfield R-IIILaclede County C-5Republic R-III
    Brunswick R-IILadue PublicRevere C-3
    Buchanan Co. R-IVLafayette Co. C-1Rich Hill R-IV
    Bucklin R-IILakeland R-IIIRichards R-V
    Bunker R-IIILamar R-IRichland R-I
    Butler R-VLaMonte R-IVRichland R-IV
    Cabool R-IVLaPlata R-IIRichmond R-XVI
    Cainsville R-ILaquey R-VRichwoods R-VII
    Calhoun R-VIIILaredo R-VIIRidgeway R-V
    Callao C-8Lathrop R-IIRipley Co. R-III
    Camdenton R-IIILawson R-XIVRipley Co. R-IV
    Cameron R-ILebanon R-IIIRisco R-II
    Campbell R-IILee's Summit R-VIIRitenour Public
    Canton R-VLeesville R-IXRiverview Gardens
    Cape Girardeau PublicLeeton R-XRock Port R-II
    Carl Junction R-ILeopold R-IIIRockwood R-VI
    Carrollton R-VIILesterville R-IVRolla 31 Public
    Carthage R-IXLewis County C-1Roscoe C-1
    Caruthersville 18Lexington R-VSalem R-80
    Cassville R-IVLiberal R-IISalisbury R-IV
    Center PublicLiberty PublicSanta Fe R-X
    Centerville R-ILicking R-VIIISarcoxie R-II
    Central R-IIILincoln R-IISavannah R-III
    Centralia R-VILincoln R-IIISchool of the Osage R-2
    Chadwick R-ILindbergh R-VIIISchuyler R-I
    Chaffee R-IILinn Co. R-IScotland Co. R-I
    Charleston R-ILivingston Co. R-IIIScott City R-I
    Chillicothe R-IILockwood R-IScott Co. R-IV
    Clark Co. R-ILogan-Rogersville R-VIII SchoolScott County Central
    Clarksburg C-2Lone Jack C-6Sedalia 200 Public
    Clarkton C-4Lonedell R-XIVSenath-Hornersville C-8
    Clayton PublicLouisiana R-IISeneca R-VII
    Clearwater R-ILuray 33 PublicSeymour R-II
    Clever R-VLutie R-VIShawnee R-III
    Climax Springs R-IVMacks Creek R-5Shelby Co. R-IV
    Clinton Co. R-IIIMacon Co. R-ISheldon R-VIII
    Clinton PublicMacon Co. R-IVShell Knob Public
    Cole Camp R-IMadison C-3Sherwood Cass R-VIII
    Cole Co. R-VMalden R-ISikeston R-VI
    Cole County R-1Malta Bend R-VSilex R-I
    Columbia PublicManes R-VSkyline R-II
    Community R-VIMansfield R-IVSlater Public
    Concordia R-IIMaplewood-Richmond HeightsSmithton R-VI
    Cooper Co. R-IVMarceline R-VSmithville R-II
    Cooter R-IVMaries Co. R-ISouth Callaway Co. R-II
    Couch R-I
    Maries Co. R-IISouth Harrison Co. R-2
    Cowgill R-VIMarion C Early R-5South Holt R-I
    Craig R-III
    Marion Co. R-IISouth Iron Co. R-I
    Crane R-III
    Marionville R-IXSouth Nodaway Co. R-IV
    Crawford Co. R-I
    Mark Twain R-VIIISouth Pemiscot Co. R-V
    Crawford County R-II
    Marquand Zion R-VISouthern Boone Co. R-I
    Crocker R-II
    Marshall PublicSouthern Reynolds R-II
    Crowder College
    Maryville R-IISouthland C-9
    Crystal City Public
    Maysville R-ISouthwest R-V
    Dadeville R-II
    McDonald Co. C-1Sparta R-III
    Dallas County R-I
    Meadow Heights R-IISpecial School Dist. of St. Louis County
    Davis R-XII
    Meadville R-IVSpickard R-II
    Delta C-7
    Mehlville R-IXSpokane R-VII
    Delta R-VMeramec Valley R-IIISpring Bluff R-XV
    Dent-Phelps R-III
    Metropolitan Community CollegeSpringfield R-XII
    DeSoto Public
    Mexico PublicSt. Charles R-VI
    Dexter R-XI
    Miami R-ISt. Charles Community College
    Diamond R-IV
    Mid-Buchanan Co. R-VSt. Clair R-XIII
    Dixon R-I
    Middle Grove C-1St. Elizabeth R-IV
    Doniphan R-I
    Midway R-ISt. James R-I
    Dora R-III
    Milan C-2St. Joseph Public
    Drexel R-IV
    Miller County R-IIISt. Louis Community College
    Dunklin R-V
    Miller R-IIState Fair Community College
    East Buchanan C-1
    Mineral Area Community CollegeSte. Genevieve R-II
    East Carter Co. R-II
    Mirabile C-1Stanberry R-II
    East Central College
    Missouri City PublicSteelville R-III
    East Lynne Public
    Missouri High School Act. Assoc.Stewartsville C-2
    East Newton Co. R-VI
    Missouri State Teachers Assoc.Stockton R-I
    East Prairie R-II
    Moberly Area Community CollegeStoutland R-II
    EducationPlusMonett R-IStrafford R-VI
    El Dorado Springs R-IIMoniteau Co. C-1Strain-Japan R-XVI
    Eldon R-IMoniteau Co. R-IStrasburg C-3
    Elsberry R-IIMoniteau Co. R-VSturgeon R-V
    Eminence R-IMonroe City R-ISuccess R-VI
    Everton R-IIIMontgomery Co. R-IISullivan C-2
    Excelsior Springs PublicMontrose R-XIVSummersville R-II
    Exeter R-VIMorgan Co. R-ISunrise R-IV
    Fair Grove R-XMorgan Co. R-IISW Livingston Co. R-1
    Fair Play R-IIMound City R-IISwedeborg R-III
    Fairfax R-IIIMissouri State University -Mountain GroveSweet Springs R-VII
    Fairview R-XIMountain View R-3Taneyville R-II
    Farmington R-VIIMt. Vernon R-VTarkio R-I
    Fayette R-3N. St. Francois R-IThayer R-II
    Ferguson-Florissant R-2Naylor R-IIThornfield R-1
    Festus R-VINE Nodaway Co. R-VThree Rivers Community College
    Fordland R-IIINE Randolph R-IVTina-Avalon R-II
    Forsyth R-IIINeelyville R-IVTipton R-VI
    Fort Osage R-INell Holcomb R-IVTrenton R-IX
    Fox C-6Neosho R-VTri-County R-VII
    Francis Howell R-IIINevada R-VTroy R-III
    Franklin Co. R-IINew Bloomfield R-IIITwin Rivers R-X
    Fredericktown R-INew Franklin R-IUnion R-XI
    Ft. Zumwalt R-IINew Haven PublicUnion Star R-II
    Fulton PublicNew Madrid Co. R-IUniversity City Public
    Gainesville R-VNew York R-IVValley Park Public
    Galena R-IINewburg R-IIValley R-VI
    Gallatin R-VNewtown-Harris R-IIIVan Buren R-I
    Gasconade C-4Niangua R-5Van Far R-I
    Gasconade Co. R-INixa R-IIVerona R-VII
    Gasconade Co. R-IINodaway-Holt R-VIIW. St. Francois R-IV
    Gideon 37 PublicNorborne R-VIIIWalnut Grove R-V
    Gilliam C-4Normandy PublicWarren Co. R-III
    Gilman City R-IVNorth Andrew Co. R-VIWarrensburg R-VI
    GlasgowNorth Callaway R-IWarsaw R-IX
    Glenwood R-VIIINorth Central Missouri CollegeWashington Public
    Golden City R-IIINorth Daviess Co. R-IIIWaynesville R-VI
    Gorin R-IIINorth Harrison R-IIIWeaubleau R-III
    Grain Valley R-VNorth Kansas City SchoolsWebb City R-VII
    Grandview C-4North Mercer Co. R-IIIWebster Groves Public
    Grandview R-IINorth Nodaway R-VIWellington-Napoleon R-IX
    Green City R-INorth Pemiscot R-IWellsville Middletown R-1
    Green Forest R-IINorth Platte Co. R-1Wentzville R-IV
    Green Ridge R-VIIINorth ShelbyWest Nodaway Co. R-I
    Greenfield R-IVNorth Wood R-IVWest Plains R-VII
    Greenville R-IINortheast Vernon Co. R-1West Platte Co. R-II
    Grundy Co. R-VNorthwest R-IWestran R-I
    Hale R-INorthwestern R-IWestview C-6
    Halfway R-IIINorwood R-IWheatland R-II
    Hallsville R-IVOak Grove R-VIWheaton R-III
    Hamilton R-IIOak Hill R-IWillard R-II
    Hancock Place PublicOak Ridge R-VIWillow Springs R-IV
    Hannibal 60 PublicOdessa R-VIIWindsor C-1
    Hardeman R-XOran R-IIIWindsor R-I
    Hardin-Central C-2Orchard Farm R-VWinfield R-IV
    Harrisburg R-VIIIOrearville R-IVWinona R-III
    Harrisonville R-IXOregon-Howell R-III SchoolsWoodland R-IV
    Hartville R-IIOrrick R-XIWright City R-2
    Hayti R-IIOsage County R-IZalma R-V
    Hazelwood R-I