PSRS/PEERS Website Privacy Policy

The Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS) has created this privacy policy as part of our commitment to the privacy of our members, retirees, and users of this website.


By using this website you indicate your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you, as a visitor, choose to log in as a member, register for meetings, or otherwise submit personally identifiable information, you are consenting to PSRS/PEERS’ use of such data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. PSRS/PEERS does not collect any personal information through the use of our website unless the user provides that information voluntarily by sending an email to PSRS/PEERS, or submitting information while in the secure areas of our site.

When You Visit

PSRS/PEERS uses browser cookies to create summary statistics about the use of the website. The summary statistics are used to help PSRS/PEERS understand how users are interacting with the website. It is used solely to help us improve our online services and is used exclusively by PSRS/PEERS.

When you visit the PSRS/PEERS website, certain information about your visit is automatically collected and stored. In order to ensure that our website is as useful and effective as it can be, we analyze non-personally identifying information that groups visitors by categories such as the location of visitors (by domain, not by personal email address) device classes such as tablets, smartphones or desktop computers and browser types. We also measure, in the aggregate, indicators such as number of visits, average time spent on the site, and pages viewed and basic demographics. These statistics are used to improve site content and usability. This information does not personally identify you.

Specifically, PSRS/PEERS uses Google Analytics measurement software to collect the information listed above, which is gathered for the purpose of improving our website and applications. The data is automatically sent to Google’s system, which immediately aggregates the data. For further information on how Google Analytics collects and processes data, refer to

Visitors that wish to opt-out of such data collection can visit this link to learn about opt-out options Google Opt-Out Options or use your browser's built-in privacy settings. 

When You Email Us

If you email us, the message will usually contain your return email address. While we collect your email address for our own internal use, it is not used for commercial purposes, and PSRS/PEERS does not share your email address with any third party.

All internet users should keep in mind that email is an inherently insecure medium, and may be intercepted and read by unauthorized parties. PSRS/PEERS recommends that you never put personal information in emails.  PSRS/PEERS is not responsible for any unauthorized access by third parties to personal information you reveal in your email messages.

When You Complete an Online Transaction

We provide our members with the ability to create usernames and passwords so that they may have online access to their own membership information. We require the entry of usernames, passwords and Social Security numbers, and use data encryption and third-party verification to protect your member information. Accessing your membership information or registering for a meeting online are voluntary. If you choose not to use our online member services, you will still be able to access other features on our website.

Disclosure of Information Collected Through This Website

Any information collected through this website may be subject to disclosure under the Missouri Sunshine Law if such information is not protected from disclosure pursuant to Section 169.020.17 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. Personally identifiable information relating to members, retirees, beneficiaries and survivors is confidential under this statute and is not subject to disclosure. PSRS will only collect personal information through this website if the information is voluntarily provided by the user through email, or the secure areas of this site.


The PSRS/PEERS website contains links to other sites. PSRS/PEERS does not control the content of these sites, and is not responsible for their availability. If you leave our website by following a link to a different Web address, you will be subject to the privacy policy of that site.

PSRS/PEERS is not responsible for the content of any websites that choose to link to the PSRS/PEERS website, with or without our consent.

Limitation of Liability/Disclaimer

While PSRS/PEERS makes every effort to ensure the information provided is reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility. Therefore, PSRS/PEERS does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or correct sequencing of information, and will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of the information contained in this website.

If there is a conflict between the information on this website and the statutes governing PSRS/PEERS found in Chapter 169, Revised Statutes of Missouri and in The Public School Laws of Missouri published by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the language of the law will take precedence.

Contacting PSRS/PEERS

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact PSRS/PEERS.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to modification at any time and for any reason. Notice of changes will be posted at this URL. Users of the PSRS/PEERS websites should read this policy periodically to ensure that they are aware of the current provisions of the PSRS/PEERS Privacy Policy.