teacher sitting at a desk in a library with a stack of books to his right and an open book in front of himReady to Retire

Ready to retire? You can apply for service retirement online using Web Member Services, or using paper forms found on the forms page of this website. If you want to download paper forms, be sure to select the menu for your System (PSRS or PEERS).

There are many things to consider, financial and otherwise, in order to be as prepared as possible for such a major life change. Preparing to retire can be a bit overwhelming, so before you take the leap, be sure you have covered all your bases!

Getting Ready to Retire Checklist

  1. Attend a Retirement Ready Seminar or explore other counseling options. We offer a variety of ways for you to get information to help you make the best retirement decisions. Join us for a seminar, webinar, phone counseling or web counseling session. You can view your options by visiting the Education and Counseling page of our website. Be sure to select the menu for your System (PSRS or PEERS).
  2. Consider a service purchase. Most members are eligible to purchase some kind of service with PSRS/PEERS before retirement. A service purchase can help you retire sooner or with a larger monthly benefit amount. More information is found on this website, including a calculator that will help you determine how much a purchase will benefit you.
  3. Request or run your own Benefit Estimates in Web Member Services. Contact us or log in to Web Member Services to estimate your future retirement benefits under different scenarios. This will help you decide on the retirement date and the Benefit Plan best for you.
    • Although July 1 is a popular PSRS/PEERS retirement date, you can retire on the first of any month after your covered employment has ended.
    • We offer a choice of six Benefit Plans, offering different levels of financial protection for your beneficiaries. It is important to choose wisely, as your Benefit Plan cannot be changed once you retire.

When you are ready, you must apply for retirement and provide any required supporting documentation.. You can file as early as one year prior to your retirement date, and we recommend filing three months prior to your retirement date. You can apply online using Web Member Services, or using paper forms available on the "forms" page of this website or by contacting us.