2022 Economic Impact video poster image

Economic Impact of PSRS/PEERS

run-time: 2:12

PSRS/PEERS Executive Director Dearld Snider discusses the positive economic impact of a defined benefit pension plan, like PSRS/PEERS, on the state of Missouri and explains how the impact goes beyond the retirement benefits paid to members.


Registering for Web Member Services

run-time: 2:59

PSRS/PEERS Information Center Supervisor Stacey Shahangian provides a step-by-step guide to registering for Web Member Services.

New Member On-Boarding video poster image

New PSRS/PEERS Member On-Boarding

run-time: 5:31

Member Education Supervisor Amanda Wooten welcomes new members to PSRS/PEERS and discusses the importance of your PSRS/PEERS membership and the role the systems play in helping to ensure a secure retirement for public school educators and employees in the state of Missouri.

Applying for Service Retirement Online video thumbnail image

Applying for Service Retirement Online

run-time: 5:03

PSRS/PEERS Communications Director Susan Wood and Senior Benefits Counselor Mandy Boehm discuss the advantages of using the online Service Retirement application process.


Understanding Your Member Statement

run-time: 06:50

PSRS/PEERS Information Center Supervisor Jill Herigon explains the information contained in your annual Member Statement.


Top 5 Reasons to Use Web Member Services

run-time: 02:40

PSRS/PEERS Communications Director Susan Wood counts down the top 5 Reasons to use Web Member Services.