Virtual Retirement Ready Seminars

If you are nearing retirement and would like pre-retirement counseling, we recommend that you first attend a Retirement Ready Seminar. Seminars are designed to be of most benefit to members who are within five years of retirement, but all members can benefit from this in-depth review of the essential information you need when preparing to retire. 

We are currently offering virtual Retirement Ready Seminars. You can attend a virtual Retirement Ready Seminar using any computer or device with a high-speed internet connection. A web cam is not required. Personalized retirement information, including Benefit Estimates, will be prepared and available in Web Member Services for all virtual seminar attendees.

Upcoming Virtual Retirement Ready Seminars
Date Start Time Registration Deadline
12/29/2020 2 p.m.12/14/2020
1/6/2021 5 p.m. 12/21/2020
1/12/2021 5 p.m.12/29/2020
1/21/2021 5 p.m.1/7/2021
1/27/2021 5 p.m.1/13/2021
2/4/2021 5 p.m.1/20/2021
2/10/2021 6 p.m.1/26/2021
2/18/2021 5 p.m.2/3/2021
2/23/2021 5 p.m.2/8/2021

Registration for virtual seminars is required and can be completed in Web Member Services. If you do not have a Web Member Services account, you will need to create one, or you can register by calling our office at (800) 392-6848.


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