PSRS/PEERS Video Library

These videos provide quick, general overviews of various retirement-related topics. They address questions most frequently asked by our members. If you need more in-depth information or have questions, please view the rest of this website, or contact us.

  • Top 5 Reasons to use Web Member Services thumbnail imageUnderstanding Your Member Statement
    run-time: 06:55
    PSRS/PEERS Information Center Manager Jill Herigon explains the information contained in your annual member statement.
  • Top 5 Reasons to use Web Member Services thumbnail imageTop 5 Reasons to Use Web Member Services
    run-time: 02:40
    PSRS/PEERS Communications Director Susan Wood counts down the top 5 Reasons to use Web Member Services.
  • Registering for Web Member Services thumbnail imageRegistering for Web Member Services
    run-time: 05:28
    Call Center Supervisor Jill Herigon walks through the registration process for Web Member Services, where you can view benefit details, sign up for pre-retirement seminars, update your contact information, create benefit estimates and apply for service retirement.
  • Understanding Your Benefit Estimate thumbnail imageUnderstanding Your Benefit Statement
    run-time: 03:58
    PSRS/PEERS Information Center Supervisor Jill Herigon explains the benefit details contained in the annual PSRS/PEERS Benefit Statement.
  • State of the Pension Industry thumbnail imageState of the Pension Industry
    run-time: 03:16
    PSRS/PEERS Executive Director Steve Yoakum discusses the state of the public pension industry, and provides insight as to why PSRS/PEERS has remained financially stable and secure since 1946.
  • Advantages of a Defined Benefit Pension Plan thumbnail imageAdvantages of a Defined Benefit Pension Plan
    run-time: 03:55
    PSRS/PEERS Assistant Executive Director of Operations Dearld Snider discusses the advantages of belonging to a Defined Benefit pension plan.
  • What is PSRS/PEERS? thumbnail imageWhat is PSRS/PEERS?
    run-time: 02:21
    Assistant Executive Director Dearld Snider explains PSRS/PEERS' role in helping to provide its members with a stable and secure retirement.
  • PSRS/PEERS Investment Philosophy thumbnail imagePSRS/PEERS Investment Philosophy
    run-time: 05:15
    PSRS/PEERS Chief Investment Officer Craig Husting discusses the PSRS/PEERS' investment philosophy.

PSRS/PEERS is committed to helping you get the retirement information you need. We encourage you to explore all the resources found on this website. If you have specific questions, please contact us.