Monthly Dependent-Based Survivor Benefits

If you die before you retire with PSRS or while receiving PSRS disability benefits, your dependent family members may be eligible for monthly survivor benefits.

Your spouse, dependent children or dependent parents may be eligible, if you:

  • Have five or more years of service for PSRS-covered employment
  • Have at least two years of service for PSRS-covered employment, and die while actively employed under PSRS, or die within one year of the onset, or as a result of an injury or illness that began while in PSRS-covered employment
  • Die while eligible for PSRS disability retirement

Your beneficiary(ies) must also meet eligibility requirements. To learn about those requirements and how to properly designate your beneficiaries so they can receive monthly dependent-based benefits, see your Member Handbook - Survivor Benefits.

The only PSRS survivor benefit payable to a trust is a lump-sum payment of your contributions and interest. If you name a trust as your PSRS beneficiary, your family will not be able to choose monthly survivor benefits.