Record-Keeping Requirements

All retirees working for PSRS-covered employers on a part-time or temporary-substitute basis are required to maintain a PSRS Member Work Record tracking the hours worked and the salary earned each month at each covered employer. Employers are also required to maintain such records and report the hours you worked and salary you earned to PSRS each payroll period.

Accurate record-keeping can prevent you from losing benefits.

  • Keep an accurate record of the hours you work and salary you earn, including health insurance premiums paid for you by your employer
  • Consult with your employer to discuss how hours and salary are tracked
  • Check with your employer regularly to ensure your records are accurate and consistent
  • You will receive notification by letter when you are approaching your limits

If there are discrepancies in the hours and salary reported by you and by your employer, we will consider your employer's record official.

Log in to Web Member Services to view your progress toward your hourly and salary limits as reported by your employers. Keep in mind, there can be a delay between the time of your work and when your employer submits payroll to PSRS, so you may have worked more hours and earned more salary than what is reported online.

We may request access to record forms for review at any time. Please don't send your record form to PSRS unless we request it.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding record-keeping.

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