Exceeding Post-Retirement Work Limits

You Forfeit Your Benefits When You Exceed the Limit

If you are working part-time or as a temporary-substitute for a PSRS-covered employer after retirement and you exceed either the 550-hour or 50% salary limit, your benefits stop.

If you exceed either limit:

  • You must notify PSRS immediately.
  • You forfeit your benefits effective the month in which either the hourly or salary limit is exceeded, whichever is first.
  • Your benefits resume the month after your employment ends or when a new school year begins on July 1.
  • If you meet membership requirements, you must establish a second PSRS membership and pay contributions.


Mark is retired and working part-time for a PSRS-covered employer. Mark exceeds either the hourly or salary limit in April. He ends his post-retirement employment with the PSRS-covered employer in May. His April and May benefits are not payable. However, if he does not return to PSRS-covered employment, his benefits resume in June.

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