PSRS Membership

PSRS membership is automatic, regardless of position, for certificated employees (those holding valid Missouri Educator Certificates from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) employed by a PSRS-covered employer in a position that normally requires the employee to work:

  • The full school day, or
  • At least the same number of hours per week as required for such a position, and
  • At least 600 hours of work during the school year.

Membership is ended by a refund of your contributions and interest, absence from covered employment for five consecutive school years if not vested, death or retirement.

A certificated employee or teacher working less than full-time for at least 17 hours per week on a regular basis in a position that requires at least 600 hours of work during the school year can choose membership in the Public Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri (PEERS) within the first 90 days of initial part-time employment.

PSRS-covered employers include:

  • All Missouri public school districts, except those in the city of St. Louis and Kansas City
  • All Missouri public two-year colleges
  • Non-profit educational associations that have elected to join

As a member, you contribute to PSRS. To help fund your benefits, PSRS contributions are automatically deducted from your pay on a pre-tax basis. Most PSRS members do not contribute to Social Security. Learn more »

Each fall, you receive a Member Statement. It includes the amount of your contributions, accumulated interest, years of service, salary history and your beneficiary designation.

Up-to-date membership information is also available by logging in.