Social Security

Most PSRS members do not contribute to Social Security on their PSRS-covered earnings. A limited number of members have PSRS service and Social Security credit for service at the five state regional universities, the three state colleges, the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the Missouri Department of Corrections. The PSRS contributions and benefits applicable to such employment are two-thirds the value of those stated herein for public school service. Age and service requirements for benefit eligibility, however, are the same for all members.

You may qualify for Social Security benefits if you have 40 units (10 years) of Social Security-covered employment. You may also be eligible for benefits from Social Security through your spouse or ex-spouse (living or deceased).

If you qualify for PSRS retirement benefits and also for Social Security benefits, there are two Federal provisions you should know about which may impact your future Social Security benefits. They are the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO).

Although PSRS does not administer your Social Security benefit and is not responsible for applying these Federal provisions to your future Social Security benefit, we realize it's important for you to understand their impact.