Partial Lump-Sum Option (PLSO) Retirement Benefits

PLSO Retirement Benefits are Calculated as Follows.

One-time, lump sum payment at retirement:

Lifetime Single Life BenefitX12, 24 or 36=PLSO Payment

You can choose a lump-sum payment equal to 12, 24 or 36 times your Single Life benefit (one, two or three years' worth of monthly benefits).

Your lifetime monthly benefit amount is reduced to offset the PLSO payment you receive at retirement.

PLSO-reduced monthly benefits are calculated using this formula:

Lifetime Single Life BenefitXPLSO Reduction Factor=PLSO-Reduced Lifetime Single Life Benefit

PLSO Reduction Factors are set by law and are subject to change. They are based on the number of months used to calculate your lump-sum payment and your age at retirement. View PLSO Reduction Factors

Retirement benefits are based on a formula consisting of three factors:

  1. Final Average Monthly Salary is determined by adding your three highest consecutive annual salaries (including board-paid health, dental and vision insurance), and dividing the total by 36.
  2. Applicable Formula Factor is set by the Missouri Legislature and based on a member’s age and/or years of service.
  3. Years of Service include service earned for PEERS-covered service and any service you may have reinstated and purchased for other service, as permitted by law.

Benefit Estimate Calculator

Using your career statistics, you can estimate your benefits under all the retirement plans by using the benefit estimate calculator.