Disability Retirement Benefits

If you develop an illness or sustain an injury that prevents you from working in any occupation, you may be eligible for PEERS disability benefits. The cause of your disability does not have to be work-related.

You are eligible for PEERS disability benefits if you:

  • Have at least five years of qualified service for PEERS-covered employment
  • Are under age 60
  • Become permanently disabled while working in PEERS-covered employment, or within one year after if the condition causing the disability began while you were employed
  • Are incapable of earning a livelihood in any occupation
  • Are not working for any PEERS-covered employer

Disability benefits must be calculated by PEERS

If you think you may qualify or would like a disability benefit estimate, please call our Information Center toll free at (800) 392-6848.

We recommend applying for PEERS disability retirement as soon as you know the disability will result in the end of your employment.

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