Purchasing Service

Purchasing service can increase your benefit amount or help you retire earlier.

Each type of service purchase has its own eligibility requirements. Detailed information can be obtained from PEERS.

Basic Purchase Facts:

  • Purchased service counts toward vesting your PEERS membership, except supplemental service and service for Social Security-covered employment.
  • You cannot have service with any other retirement system for employment, leave or service purchased with PEERS, except Social Security and U.S. military pensions.
  • Payment is due prior to your PEERS retirement date. For most purchases, if you pay a portion of the purchase cost, you receive proportional service based on payments you make.
  • The total of most types of service purchased cannot exceed the total service earned.

You may be eligible to purchase service if you:

  • Have at least one year of service with PEERS
  • Have PEERS-covered service after the period of employment, leave or service you wish to purchase
  • Have not yet retired with PEERS

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