PSRS/PEERS Assets Increase $6.2 Billion

The Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS) returned 10.25% on its investments for the quarter ending September 30. With the recent rally across investment markets, total fund assets have increased $6.2 billion since the market lows in early March.

“As the overall markets declined in 2008 and early 2009, the Systems maintained a conservative investment approach to preserve the members’ assets,” says Craig Husting, PSRS/PEERS Chief Investment Officer. “The Systems held a substantial portion of plan assets in U.S. Treasury securities that posted positive returns during the severe market downturn. The investment returns of the recent quarters indicate that the portfolio is well positioned to benefit from a return to more normal market conditions.”

“Our primary objective has always been to deliver strong returns while maintaining the safety of the Systems’ accumulated assets. We are not only focused on earning solid returns for our members, but also providing downside protection in poor markets,” says Steve Yoakum, PSRS/PEERS Executive Director. “Our investment staff continues to skillfully navigate volatile markets and produce competitive returns at a lower level of risk than most large public pension plans throughout the country. The Systems maintain a diversified portfolio that is designed to not only meet long-term return and risk objectives, but also to provide members with safety and liquidity to meet all benefit payments.”

PSRS/PEERS has total assets of approximately $26.5 billion and is larger than all other public retirement plans in the state combined. The Systems provide retirement benefits for more than 220,000 active and retired Missouri teachers and school employees and pays approximately $150 million per month in retirement benefits to plan members.

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