Pro-Rated Working After Retirement Limits

If the retirement date is in a month other than July, the 550-hour limit, and for PSRS retirees the 50% of salary limit, is applied on a pro-rated basis for the rest of that first school year.

  • The pro-rated limits apply only during the school year in which the member retired.
  • When the new school year begins July 1, the limits are increased to the full limits and remain at those levels for future school years.
  • Limits are per school year (July 1 - June 30), at all covered employers.


If Jane retires January 1, she can begin working February 1, but is limited to 275 hours (and if she is a PSRS member, 25% of salary) through June 30, the end of the school year. When the new school year begins, the limit(s) returns to the full 550 hours (and 50% of salary for PSRS members.)

Pro-Rated Hours and Salary Limits During First School Year After Retirement
Retirement DateMaximum Hours PSRS and PEERS Retirees Can Work During the School YearPSRS RETIREES ONLY
(Maximum Percent of Full-Time Salary PSRS Retirees Can Earn for the School Year)
   July 155050%
   August 150446%
   September 145842%
   October 141338%
   November 136733%
   December 132129%
   January 127525%
   February 122921%
   March 118317%
   April 113813%
   May 1928%
   June 100%