January 31, 2014

Welcome to the January 31, 2014 e-newsletter regarding OASIS!

What Do I Do After My File Has Been Uploaded?

Once your file has been uploaded you can check the file status by navigating to the Employer Reporting menu and going down to File Status. Enter the date you uploaded the file in the 'Received Date From' field and click Search to find the current status of the file.

If the file has been processed and is in a status of Review, you can begin working through the file by going to ER Summary Lookup under the Employer Reporting menu. Beginning with Enrollment Information, moving to Demographic Information and down to Payroll Summary Information, you need to address all records that are in Review status under the PSRS, PEERS and Non-Member headers. Once you click on the header (PSRS, PEERS, or Non-member), you can view the records in Review by clicking on the Detail By Error/Warning/Information tab.

You should work through your file until each component of the file changes to a Valid status. If you are unsure of how to address a particular warning/error, please bypass that record and continue through your file. Once you've completed as much as you can, contact us at 888-391-6966 and we'll assist you through the remainder of your file.

Changes Made in OASIS Upon a Successful File Upload

As a reminder, all changes made in OASIS must also be made in your payroll software to prevent any errors or warnings from resurfacing the next time you upload a file. This includes demographic changes, including those you previously marked as 'Do Not Format', if your files will contain demographic records for all employees each time a file is created. 

When Can I Make My Payment?

Once you've gotten your file to a Valid status you'll have the option to 'Submit/Post' which allows you to send the data to PSRS/PEERS. Once the file is received, a workflow will be initiated for your ESR to review the data in the file and post the data to the member accounts. Once we've posted your file you will receive a system-generated email letting you know your file has been posted and is ready for payment. At that time you're able to complete your payment.

What Do I Do Next?

We recommend waiting to upload your next payroll until we've had an opportunity to review and post any previous payroll submissions. Once your file is posted by your ESR you're able to make payment and upload your next payroll.

Monthly System Upgrade, February 1-2

The weekend of February 1-2, we will be pushing out the monthly system upgrade to the OASIS server.  This is a regularly scheduled monthly upgrade designed to resolve issues and implement any enhancements that have been made to the system.  You don't have to do anything to receive these updates, which is one of the many advantages of OASIS being a web-based reporting system!

No More Paper Member Record Forms!

We are no longer accepting paper Member Record forms so please discard any you may have. You must send an electronic enrollment record through OASIS for new hires, those who go from being a substitute (non-member) to a teacher (PSRS member), or from not being certified (PEERS member) to certified (PSRS member). Once we receive an electronic enrollment record we will send your employees a welcome letter along with a beneficiary form they will complete to designate their beneficiaries.


If you have questions, please call (888) 391-6966.

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