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January 16, 2014

Welcome to the January 16, 2014 e-Newsletter Regarding OASIS!

No More Paper Member Record Forms!

With the implementation of OASIS, we are no longer accepting paper Member Record forms. Please discard any you may have. You must send an electronic enrollment record through OASIS for new hires.

Reporting Hours for Non-Members and Retirees

As a reminder, hours are required for all non-members and retirees. Your file will kick out to "Void" status if this field is left blank, or as "Error" if you report zero.

Annual Base Salaries in OASIS

It is important to report the annual base salary for your working PSRS retirees as the amount you would pay the retiree if working full-time in that position, based on his or her education and work experience, as well as your salary schedule. Please refer to our December 2, 2013 newsletter for more information on calculating this amount.

You are also required to report accurate annual base salaries for each of your PSRS- or PEERS-covered employees. Keep in mind, if an employee of yours is also being reported by another employer, all of that employee's salary earned at all employers becomes eligible and must be reported. Since OASIS is designed to calculate service on an employer by employer basis, each employer must report the annual base the employee would earn in that particular position.

Marking Final Pay in OASIS

You should not report final pay for your employees until all salary, including salary not subject to retirement contributions, has been reported through OASIS.

Employer Web Portal (EWP) Registration

We have granted EWP access to approximately 50% of our employer community and retirement reporting through OASIS is off to a great start! Once you have been granted access, you will receive an email that contains a link you need to click. You will be prompted to complete several steps to finalize the registration process. The link contained in your email is only valid for 72 hours, so be sure to get your account set up right away, even if you're not yet ready to report your payroll. If you do not complete the registration process within the 72 hour period, the link will expire and it will be necessary for us to grant you access again.

Having Trouble Registering Your Account?

If you have problems registering your account, please try the following:

  • Close all browsers and click on the link again
  • Copy and paste the link into a new browser window – make sure to copy only the link, and not the period at the end or any spaces before or after the link

Please contact us if neither of these options resolves your problem.

Upon a successful registration, you will receive an email with the URL you need to access the system and begin reporting through OASIS. Please do not try to send your payroll through the File Certification link available on our website. That is solely for us to test the format of your files to ensure compliance with the file specifications that were previously provided.

Death Notification and USERRA Granted Lookup

The Death Notification and USERRA Granted Lookup functionality is not currently working in OASIS. Please call our office to report either of these situations until the functionality is implemented.


If you have questions, please contact your ESR.

About This Newsletter

We have created this series of e-newsletters to keep you informed about the transition from EMERS to OASIS (Online Automated System Integrated Solution) as the software system you will use to report your payroll information to the Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS).

Our hope is that through newsletters and hands-on training, you will gain a better understanding of OASIS and how it will help you when preparing and sending information to PSRS/PEERS.

You can view previous issues of this e-newsletter on our website, www.psrs-peers.org.