February 11, 2014

Welcome to the February 11, 2014 OASIS e-newsletter

Working Through Your File in OASIS

You can work through your file by navigating to Employer Reporting and then ER Summary Lookup. Rather than entering any search parameters, if you simply click the Search button your most recent file will be at the top of the results list. Once you open the ER Summary ID you'll be able to see any Enrollments, Demographics and Payroll Details in Review status. Anything in Review status contains errors, warnings, or both, and requires your attention. You will not be able to Submit/Post your file until the entire file is in Valid status. Start by working through any Enrollments and Demographics in Review and then work through your Payroll Details in Review. Once you open any Header Type in Review we recommend you click on the Details by Error/Warning/Information tab to work through the issues by the error or warning messages. Keep in mind Information messages are simply informational and do not require your attention unless you discover a problem upon reviewing them.

By utilizing Smart Navigation in the lower left-hand corner of the Employer Web Portal (EWP) and navigating to ER Summary Maintenance you'll be able to see whether or not you still have any Enrollments, Demographics or Payroll Detail records that are not yet Valid. Once each component of your file is Valid you'll see a Submit/Post button at the top of the ER Summary Maintenance screen. Once you submit your file, your part is done until you receive an email notification from us that your file has been posted. At that time you're able to complete your payment. Our goal is to review your file and post it within 7-10 business days from the day you submit your file. If you don't hear from us by that timeframe, please call 888-391-6966 to check the status of your file. We strongly recommend waiting to submit a new file until after we've posted your previous file and that invoice has been paid.

When going through the process of submitting a file through OASIS, please reference your Quick Reference Guide. If you misplaced the copy you received at training you can print a copy directly from the EWP under the Help menu in the lower left-hand corner.

Paying an Invoice with Multiple Checks

When paying an invoice with multiple checks, it is necessary to complete the deposit steps for each check. Please follow the steps here  to properly complete the payment process in OASIS.

Adjustments vs. ER Summaries

Adjustment Reporting files should only be used when adjusting prior years because the money will be treated as post-tax. Be sure to submit an ER Summary for any current adjustments so the money is properly treated as pre-tax.

Voided ER Summaries

If you attempt to upload a file that goes to Void status, keep in mind the file was not processed and you must make corrections in your payroll software, create a new file and upload the new file in OASIS. To determine what caused the file to go to Void, you must go to Employer Reporting, then File Status and click Search – the most recent file will be displayed at the top. By clicking on the ER Summary ID you will see how many records were processed and how many were kicked out to review, causing the file to go to a voided status. By clicking on the Review hyperlink you will be able to see which enrollment, demographic or payroll detail records need to be fixed. After you make the necessary changes in your payroll software, a new file can be created and uploaded.

We Are Making Changes to Improve Your Experience with OASIS!

We are pleased to inform you of a couple of changes that have been made within the system that should improve your retirement reporting experience with OASIS.

The warning stating 'Wages for this reporting period exist in an un-posted ER summary' has been changed to an Information message and no longer requires you to suppress the warnings for those individuals you paid the same amount to more than once. Additionally, you can now export all records within each header, rather than just 20 at a time. These changes are part of our regularly scheduled upgrades designed to resolve issues and implement any enhancements that have been made to the system. As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, you don't have to do anything to receive these updates, which is one of the many advantages of OASIS being a web-based reporting system!

We are aware there are performance concerns regarding the amount of time it takes to navigate from one screen to another and assure you we are working to improve that as well.


If you have questions, please call (888) 391-6966.

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