Proposed Rules

In accordance with R.S.Mo. §536.016, below is a list of proposed PSRS and PEERS rules recently published by the Missouri Register. In addition to the information provided, there is a link to the Missouri Register.

16 CSR 10-5.010 Service Retirement

The amendment to section (6) relates to working after retirement for PSRS members and is necessary pursuant to HB 77 which became effective on April 16, 2019 pursuant to the bill’s emergency clause. This legislation placed PSRS retirees working after retirement for Community Colleges back under the 550 hour / 50% limitation, instead of the $15,000 salary limitation that had been imposed under last year’s Senate Bill 892. The amendment also makes a few clean up edits that are non-substantive.

16 CSR 10-6.060 Service Retirement

The proposed amendment is necessary pursuant to CCS SB 17 enacted August 28, 2019. This legislation expands the System’s current divorce pop-up provisions to allow a pop-up to the single life benefit for individuals divorced prior to September 1, 2017. Certain requirements must be met. If the divorce decree provides for sole rights to the member’s retirement benefit, the pop-up can be accomplished by the ex-spouse signing a consent and disclaimer form and providing it to the System. If the divorce decree does not provide the member with sole rights to the retirement benefit, the parties must return to court to obtain an amended decree.

16 CSR 10-1.010 General Organization

This amendment allows the Board Chairman to reschedule a regular meeting for a month other than February, April, June, August, October or December or for an alternate location for good cause. Examples would include, but are not limited to, weather concerns, natural disasters, or unforeseen schedule issues.