Mission Statement

The Public School Retirement System of Missouri and the Public Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri (PSRS and PEERS) work in partnership with the member school districts of this state to provide eligible employees and their beneficiaries with a significant source of income based on the employee's length of service and compensation in order to enhance retirement, disability, and death benefits received from other sources.

It is the fiduciary responsibility of those charged with administration of PSRS and PEERS to:

  • Effectively collect contributions,
  • Prudently invest the assets to obtain optimum returns,
  • Equitably provide benefits, and
  • Impartially and in accordance with applicable law administer the benefit programs.

The Board of Trustees and staff are committed to providing services to members and beneficiaries professionally, promptly, courteously, and efficiently.

Mission Statement Principles

  • We will conduct the business of the Retirement Systems in accordance with the mission statement.
  • We will act as fiduciaries in the management of all funds for the exclusive benefit of our members.
  • We will adhere to our investment policy to ensure the highest possible investment return consistent with the prudent investment of plan assets.
  • We will have as our goal the replacement of 80% of a member's final average salary after a 30-year career through the combination of income from public pensions and, where applicable, the federal Social Security system.
  • We shall have as our goal the retention of purchasing power of the initial retirement benefit through the retirement years.
  • We will maintain an independent retirement system that retains the power of the trustees to set actuarial assumptions, appoint consultants, employ staff, establish a budget and conduct all business of the Retirement Systems.
  • We will prepare and distribute an annual financial report that adheres to generally accepted accounting principles.
  • We will provide prompt, courteous and accurate service to our members.
  • We will provide clear and complete information to the members and the districts through the use of a summary plan document, newsletters, an annual member account statement and any other documents deemed necessary.
  • We will adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.