The accounting department manages and directs all accounting activities for PSRS/PEERS, including pension program administration and maintenance; payment of benefits to retirees, beneficiaries and refunds; and accounts payable.

The accounting staff also coordinates and monitors the annual operating budget, prepares information and oversees the production of annual financial reports, and works with auditors and an independent actuary to ensure the Systems meet governmental accounting standards.

The communications department coordinates the creation, production and distribution of informational publications for members and employers. They also maintain the PSRS/PEERS website.

Employer Services
The employer services department provides customer service to all employers, assisting them with electronic reporting requirements, salary issues, maintaining and updating memberships, analyzing membership qualification issues, and processing payroll data submitted by employers.

Human Resources
Human resources develops and administers programs to recruit, train, evaluate, promote and retain a quality work force. The human resources department also works to maintain appropriate position classification and compensation levels, administer employee benefits and provide ongoing advice and consultation concerning personnel issues.

Information Technology
The information technology department works in conjunction with other departments within PSRS/PEERS to support the needs of the membership. The information technology department is responsible for ensuring that software applications are performing as designed. The major systems supported include the pension system, internal and external websites and all desktop systems such as word processing and email utilities.

The department is also responsible for the evaluation, acquisition, implementation and daily operations of all desktop PCs, laptops and networking equipment utilized with PSRS/PEERS.

A major focus of the department is data and network security coupled with business continuity.

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees and the executive office, the investment department is responsible for the successful investment of PSRS/PEERS retirement fund assets. The primary focus of the investment program is to achieve broad diversification, which reduces the risk of the total portfolio. The systems invest in several asset classes spanning both domestic and international markets and hold a number of securities within each asset class.

Investment decisions are governed by policies established by the Board of Trustees. The investment policies are designed to act in the best interest of members of the Systems while maximizing total return within prudent risk parameters. An internal investment staff of eighteen professionals recommends, implements and monitors investment strategies established by the Board of Trustees. The systems utilize consultants and money managers to invest the systems' assets.

Legal Office
The legal office provides legal advice, interpretations, opinions and assistance to the Board of Trustees, executive director and staff regarding benefit, membership, contract and investment issues. They also analyze and draft legislation, review investment documents for form and content, and represent the Systems in legal matters.

Legislative Affairs
Legislative affairs is responsible for identifying, analyzing, monitoring and representing PSRS/PEERS on federal and state legislative issues that may impact our members and employers.

Member Services
Member services assists members with services related to retirement benefits. They provide processing of monthly retirement payments, purchases and reinstatements, annual tax statements (Form 1099-R), and payment of benefits to survivors and beneficiaries of retired members.

In addition, they provide services related to beneficiary changes and information, death notifications, refunds of member contributions, and service and disability retirement processing.

Individual retirement counseling is provided at the PSRS/PEERS office in Jefferson City.

Information Center
The information center is the first point of contact for PSRS and PEERS members to receive help with their retirement benefits and planning. Trained representatives provide needed assistance by telephone at (800) 392-6848 or by email at The information center staff can answer questions regarding benefits, retirement eligibility, buying service and refunds, assist with changes to personal information on record, schedule members for workshops and seminars, order benefit estimates, and more.

Member Education
The member education section develops and administers statewide member pre-retirement planning seminars and informational meeting programs for members. They provide speakers for school in-service meetings, professional development and association meetings and conferences, and staff informational exhibits at such meetings and conferences.

Office of the Internal Auditor
Our internal audit department assists the Board of Trustees and executive director in the effective and efficient management of PSRS/PEERS activities by performing comprehensive reviews of PSRS/PEERS programs to ensure that adequate internal controls and procedures exist and function properly.